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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Dogs Will You Walk At One Time?

As many as needed, within a single household. I do not walk clients from different households at the same time. Your pups get my full attention (unless you have requested a joint walk between households).

If your dog loves company and you would like to have an introduction to my guy Magnus, we can discuss a meet and greet to evaluate joint walks.

Will You Let My Dog Off Their Leash?

No, all activities outside of a home (or fully enclosed fenced yard) will be on-leash. 

My Dog Can Be Aggressive. Are You OK With That?

Aggressive animals can be a challenge, I understand! I may be willing to work with special needs animals like this, however, may require additional introduction time. Please contact me to discuss. 

Will You Take My Dog To A Dog Park?

As a general rule, no, dog parks are off limits when other dogs are present. This is to ensure your pet's safety and limit liability risk for me and you. If your dog has specific exercise needs, off leash exercise in an otherwise empty, fully fenced dog park may be provided, with prior authorization and release of liability.

Will You Transport My Dog For Their Stay?

Pick-up/Drop-off services may be available, depending on the circumstances. Please contact me to discuss.

What About Animals Beyond Dogs & Cats?

While they may not be my most frequent clients, other warm-blooded creatures and fish are within my scope to care for. Please contact me to discuss your specific needs.

My Pet Needs Medications. Will You Administer Them?

Yes, I am comfortable with medication administration. Anything more intensive than oral medication will require a meet & greet with demonstration of the administration.

How Will You Access My House?

However you prefer - whether that is a physical key, key code, or garage access. We can discuss your circumstances depending on the services requested. 

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